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We offer full-service design for residential and retail spaces. 


Whether it's simply a newly designed bathroom, full home renovation or new build; we can design what you're dreaming of.  

We will learn all we need to know about your plans, and then think conceptually about the space to define its function and forms. We document and survey the existing space to begin creating plans and work collaboratively with you as we carefully consider materials, textures and colours.

Custom Millwork

We create designs and drawings for all of your custom millwork needs and work closely with a millworker to bring your project to life.

Building Permit

We prepare all of the documents and drawings required to obtain your building permit and then apply for you.

Construction Management

We facilitate construction management from the project's onset until it has reached completion, ensuring that contractors and tradespeople have a point of contact to answer questions and provide support wherever needed. 

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